Meet Kay Cee

We have big plans for continued global growth, and we’re looking for people who are creative, flexible and dedicated to helping us build something great – something that matters.


Meet Kay Cee : Regional Sales Manager, U.S.

Kay Cee has been with Tenable for the last two and a half years as one of our Regional Sales Managers. She is an experienced security sales professional and negotiator residing in the beautiful state of Colorado. Sales leadership is critical to the success of any growing organization. Network and Cloud Security solutions are some of the most complex and most important decisions being made by enterprises today. Kay Cee is highly experienced in the field of sales and business development and is passionate in mapping business initiatives to technologies, helping executives understand and communicate their security and Cloud visions. Aside from supporting Tenable's enterprise customers, Kay Cee leads various sales teams, builds Channel and Distributor relationships, and manages partnerships within the C-suite level.


What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

While International Women’s Day was founded as a way for women to collectively demand equal rights and equality, to me it also represents a moment to honor the pioneering women who paved the way for all of us who now have incredible opportunities. Undoubtedly, there is still an unconscious bias around women and women’s rights. We are all standing on the shoulders of those before us. I am honored to be one of the stepping stones to equality. And while we still have a great distance to climb, we are moving forward, collectively changing the future for all women.

I sometimes ponder what would a world look like if it were truly led by women? A real matriarchy? Would we have built super highways that divide communities? Would there ever be an apartment building without a balcony or outdoor space? Would capitalism even exist? We are each part of this evolution and the future for women is critically important to society. We need strong women who are willing to stand at the top of the stepping stones and push us upward. We also need strong men to be open-minded and supportive. Together we create something that neither gender can do alone. International Women’s Day is not just about equal rights, but about creating better lives for all.

Why did you choose Tenable and the cyber industry? 

I gave up a crappy career on Wall Street to start working in tech back in the 1990s. It wasn't as intentional as it was opportunistic. The “Internet” was emerging and no one had specific degrees or skills for this new type of work. I landed my first job in tech with a company that offered internet access via a modem pool and built HTML web sites on shared servers. From there, I moved into security and never looked back. I’ve worked for four security companies over my 24-year tech career, the first 11 as an individual contributor and the last 13 as a front-line manager. Not only have I had the honor of building great sales teams, but my contributions have helped shape the industry we know today. My favorite job of all time is being Mom to my little girl, Daisy, which inspired my most meaningful contribution to the industry - being a female leader where I sustainably balance work, mental and physical health, mothering and home life. It’s not always been graceful, but I believe women will continue to play an important role in tech going forward. 

I chose Tenable with a little more intention than how I chose to get into Security. I was looking for a progressive company that had world-class technology and leaders. I wanted to work for a company that was willing to adopt modern technologies and tools so that we would not be stuck in a pattern of always doing what had always been done. I have found a home at Tenable and I have not been disappointed with Tenable’s willingness to grow and adapt. 

What makes you proud to be a member or supporter of Women@Tenable? 

I love the uniqueness of the women at Tenable. Every single woman in our company has their own story, their own style, their own goals. The diversity is truly inspiring. And I don’t mean ethnic or lifestyle diversity, I mean diversity on how each person chooses to live their lives. There’s so much confidence and creativity that it’s truly inspiring. 

What’s your #1 piece of advice for women working in tech?

You be you. Don’t be afraid. Don’t apologize. Don’t ask permission. You were hired for the contributions you can make to the company. Own it.  

Tell us about a woman who inspires you and what you’ve learned from her (can be personal, public, current, or historical).

I honestly don’t look up to one woman, but an amalgamation of many women. I’m inspired by:

- The strength of Hillary Clinton

- The tenacity of my own mother

- The loyalty of my best friend Kathy Zimmerman

- The maternal instincts of my gymnastic coach’s wife BG Isabelle

- The perseverance of my sister Kim

- The generosity of my friend Kitty Stevenson

- The spirituality of friend Teresa Robbins

- The resilience of Ali Raisman, Simone Biles and all the great athletes who win and come back to win again

- The vision of Oprah Winfrey

Published on Mar 3, 2020

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