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Tenable is an inspiring company that cares so much about our community! I was so excited when Tenable decided it was important to allow its employees to give back to the community by implementing a paid “Volunteer Day” for every calendar year, given to every single employee. As soon as I heard this great news, I knew exactly how I would be spending my Volunteer Day each year.


I am lucky enough to work with a wonderful non-profit organization, Barker Adoption Foundation, where my family has served as foster parents to newborn babies in the State of Maryland for the last three years. Barker has been helping to grow families through both international and domestic adoptions since 1945. To date, Barker has placed more than 7,500 children into the welcoming arms of adoptive parents and provided counseling and related support services to more than 30,000 women and their families who are considering placing a child for adoption. 


Before finding my way into technology, and ultimately into cybersecurity, I was an elementary school teacher.  Children have always been my passion. My husband and I have two children - a biological child and a child that we took guardianship of after her parents passed away.  We’ve always felt it was so incredibly important to give back to society and our community and wanted our family to be a part of something as purposeful as caring for another human being.  I fully believe these life opportunities shape us as people and instill kindness and empathy.

As a Mom, that is my one goal…I want to raise kind, empathetic kids that will eventually contribute in their own way to help others. 


I feel incredibly blessed and proud that my family is a part of this wonderful organization. The Barker Adoption Foundation works tirelessly to create beautiful families through adoption and to provide support services for all who are touched by adoption. We are one of six Barker families in Maryland who are certified to pick up foster babies from the hospital. They call us “Cradle Care” parents. The certification process was not easy and it took us about eight months to get through all the paperwork and certification steps, but it was well worth it! 


When we get a call from Barker to pick up a new baby, we are always so excited! Sometimes it is a baby ready to be picked up from the hospital that day, or it could be a call for a baby due in two months. Fostering with flexibility is key! When we do finally get to the hospital, we always meet a social worker from Barker at the hospital who helps us with the discharge process. There is a mandated 30-day revocation period in the State of Maryland, where the birth parents can decide to parent their child and take their babies back, versus moving forward with an adoption plan. Throughout this 30-day period, or until they go back to their birth parents, we have these infants in our home and care for them as our very own babies. There are pediatrician appointments and check-ins with Barker Adoption Foundation. The birth parents are also able to have weekly visits with their babies, if they so choose.

I am always asked if it is hard when it’s time to give the babies up and if we truly bond with these babies. The answer is YES! We love each foster baby as if they are our own and it is extremely difficult when they leave our home. However, our journey with each baby is purposeful and we keep in mind how blessed we are to be able to provide these infants a safe and loving home until they go back to their birth parents, or to the family that is adopting them. 

This fall, we had a sweet, beautiful baby girl in our home for about five weeks. I used my 2019 Volunteer Day to transfer her to the wonderful forever family that adopted her. To see the joy on the face of a new parent who may be seeing or holding their baby for the first time is an absolutely magical experience. For our family, it is such a meaningful and fulfilling experience knowing we played a small part in supporting the creation of these beautiful new families through adoption. We feel so blessed and grateful to be part of such a fabulous organization!


Thank you to Tenable for supporting the community and its employees by providing a paid Volunteer Day each year.  Tenable is a great company to work for and this is only one of the many reasons.

Written By: Kimberly C.


Published on Dec 9, 2019

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