Our 2019 Summer Interns Have Arrived!

We have big plans for continued global growth, and we’re looking for people who are creative, flexible and dedicated to helping us build something great – something that matters.



Last week, Tenable welcomed 35 new faces into our Columbia, Maryland headquarters and 2 in Dublin, Ireland! The week started off with a well-structured orientation program, where interns received an introduction to the company and met with their fellow peers before being introduced to their managers.

Claire McKenna, Research Intel and Publications Intern at Tenable and rising senior at Loyola University of New Orleans, shared her thoughts and first impressions of her first week on the job, "While starting any new job can be overwhelming, I already feel as though I’ve learned so much about the workplace environment and Tenable itself." Claire gladly volunteered when asked if she would be interested in writing for the Careers Blog in addition to copy editing for the Tech Blog and conducting research for the publications team.  

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The first thing I noticed was the welcoming environment of the office - it’s impossible not to. When I flashed a nervous smile at some more senior-looking employees on my first day, they were quick to introduce themselves and offer assistance in getting to know the company or getting around the office. Julia Romano, Sales Intern, commented that “They’ve done a really good job making us feel welcomed. It can be intimidating coming into this environment, but they couldn’t have done a better job making this place feel like home.” As an intern, it’s amazing to feel welcomed and valued so early on in the summer.

So far, I can tell this is definitely not going to be the type of internship experience where I’ll be making copies or fetching coffee. Instead, my learning objectives for the summer are clearly focused on building my career skills. In just my first week, I’ve already begun analyzing primary and secondary sources for potential research projects. My manager has also made it clear that a big part of this experience will be incorporating my personal research interests, like data privacy law, into the research work I’ll be doing while here. Eliza van der Woude, an HR intern, shared similar insight: “So far, everyone is really focused on what I want to get out of the internship. I’m already getting projects I’m really interested in.”

Kelly van Meter, who started as an intern with the Accounting Team, is also off to a smooth start. “Overall I'd say it's been a pretty great week! I've enjoyed my time getting to know a few of the people in the accounting department and beginning to work on a few small projects. I'm excited for what's in store for these next two months and I can't wait to learn more about the accounting field and the people I meet along the way!”


Looking ahead, I’m excited for all of the engaging activities and speaker events that we’ll be able to take advantage of, like the Intern Night at the Orioles game next week and the Career Planning Lunch later in June.


Published on Jun 10, 2019

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