Grace Hopper Celebration As Told By Social Media

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The Best of #GHC18

AnitaB’s Grace Hopper Celebration may be over, but the fun doesn't have to end. We're reliving our #GHC18 experience as told by social media. Was it the #WeAreHere selfies or the keynote speaker excerpts that left us wanting more? How about the brag-worthy giveaways that filled our swag bags to the brim? Read below to see what made our list. 



1) Color Strings Interactive Art Piece

In a world where diversity divides us, the Color Strings interactive art piece proved how color unites us. Each string represents a status--student, faculty, early career, mid-career, senior career/executive, entrepreneur, or D&I/DEI professional. Participants wrapped their string around each knob that applied to them, such as collaborator, Early Bird, mentor, Fortnite, hacker etc. It turns out we all have a lot in common.

2) A Letter from Former President Barack Obama

We’ve got mail. Former United States President Barack Obama sent a personalized letter to the Hoppers offering words of encouragement and support for the “steadfast commitment to our shared mission of turning today’s bold ideas into tomorrow’s realities.” Read the full letter here.

3) PitcHER™ Competition

The inaugural PitcHER™ competition was one for the books. Nine female tech start-up entrepreneurs pitched their groundbreaking projects to a crowd of thousands and a panel of judges for the chance to win $65,000 in total prize money. Presentations varied from intelligent mentor-matching apps to online tools to bank account developments. We love women supporting women. Hear the pitches here.

4) Networking, Networking, Networking

It’s all about who you know these days. Mentoring Circles, Speed Mentoring and Community Socials served as the hub to exchange ideas with other people in the industry--students meeting mentors, entrepreneurs meeting executives, scholars meeting experts.


(Photo courtesy of Grace Hopper Celebration)

 5) The Technology Showcase Theatre

Nordstrom’s presentation at The Technology Showcase Theatre showed that technology will never go out of style. Engineers took an audience member through a new buyer experience on the company website using their mechanization to recreate the audience member's outfit in their online inventory.

 6) The Freebies

You know we have to talk about the giveaways. Every item from fashion to tech accessories to food to photo stations had a common theme of technology while maintaining brand image. What was our favorite? We enjoined sipping on #TeamCinga lattes topped with user-generated pictures made out of cream. Yep, that's a Tenable team member's dog, Oscar.

GH_Cigma.jpg 7) The Abie Awards

The Abie Awards recognize outstanding women in tech who made significant strides in their technology careers. Winners of this year’s awards have passions that span across equality in technology, philanthropic organizations, gaming, nanomaterials and social entrepreneurship. 

 8) The Memories

Do it for the 'gram. Posed in Instagram’s iridescent dome, we came out with fun pictures to commemorate our time in Houston. This beautiful display is evident of the amazing things that happen when #WomenCreate.



What were your biggest takeaways? Let's chat more on our social channels! ✨



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Published on Oct 22, 2018

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